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How to get an RStudio environment up and running in Miniconda

I have been working on the edX course Foundations of Data Analysis - Part 1: Statistics Using R.  The course advises you to use RStudio as your default R IDE.  This is great, however it is a good thing to have your software updated to the latest version.  Anaconda and Miniconda make this dead simple.  Here is how I accomplished this:
Get the latest Miniconda installer from here.  I would go with python 3.x if possible.  Miniconda does not include unnecessary packages, just what you need to get started with Rstudio.  Miniconda is available Windows/Linux/Mac with excellent cross platform support. Open up a terminal and paste sh / and run it.  Accept yes and install.  Reopen the terminal and type which python.  This should give you something like Rays-MBP:~ ray$ which python /Users/ray/miniconda3/bin/pythonNow update conda with conda update conda, install RStudio with conda install rstudio.Open rstudio with rstudio in the terminal.If you are doing the swir…